Task Templates

Templates define how to run an Ansible Playbook. The template allows you to specify the following parameters:

  • Playbook repository

  • Playbook filename

  • Inventory

  • Environment

  • Vault password file

  • Extra CLI arguments

  • and much more

The task template can be one of the following types:


Just runs specified playbooks with specified parameters.


This type of template should be used to create artifacts. The start version of the artifact can be specified in a template parameter. Each run increments the artifact version.

Semaphore doesn't support artifacts out-of-box, it only provides task versioning. You should implement the artifact creation yourself. Read the article CI/CD to know how to do this.


This type of template should be used to deploy artifacts to the destination servers. Each deploy template is associated with a build template.

This allows you to deploy a specific version of the artifact to the servers.


You can set up task scheduling by specifying a cron schedule in the template settings. Cron expression format you can find in documentation.

Run a task when a new commit is added to the repository

You can use cron to periodically check for new commits in the repository and trigger a task upon their arrival.

For example you have source code of the app in the git repository. You can add it to Repositories and trigger the Build task for new commits.

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