Semaphore is a responsive web UI for running Ansible playbooks, Terraform/OpenTofu and Pulumi code.

Semaphore is written in pure Go and available for Windows, macOS and Linux (x64, ARM, ARM64). Semaphore is an open-source project with concise and high-quality code.

Semaphore supports the following databases:

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • BoltDB – embedded key/value database

With Semaphore you can:

  • Group playbooks to projects

  • Manage environments, inventories, repositories and access keys

  • Run playbooks from the browser. Responsive UI allows the use of Semaphore on mobile devices

  • Run playbooks by schedule

  • View detailed logs of any playbook runs, at any time

  • Delegate other users the running of playbooks

  • Get notifications about playbook runs

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