Command line interface documentation

For Semaphore installed via Snap you should use sudo for using CLI. This is completely safe because Semaphore works in a strict mode.


semaphore version

Interactive setup

Use this option for first time configuration.

Do not use this command for Semaphore installed via Snap. Use Snap Configuration instead.

semaphore setup

User management

Using CLI you can add, remove or change user.

semaphore user --help

How to add admin user

semaphore user add --admin --login newAdmin --email --name "New Admin" --password "New$Password"

How to change user password

semaphore user change-by-login --login myAdmin --password "New$Password"

Vault management

You can reencrypt your secrets in database with using following command:

semaphore vault rekey --old-key <encryption-key-which-used-before>

Your data will be decryped using <encryption-key-which-used-before> and will be encrypted using option access_key_encryption from configuration key.

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